What Is Cremation Jewelry?

By: Ian Elliott
Wednesday, January 18, 2023

There are numerous options for storing cremains following cremation. Keep the ashes in an urn or display them proudly at your desk or home. In addition to interment, you may choose to scatter your loved one's ashes at sea or in a special location.

Cremation jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as a means of memorializing cremated remains. The term "cremation jewelry, “or funeral, remembrance, or memorial jewelry, is simply a way for people to be close to a loved one in place of many other options that Maple Ridge BC Funeral Homes offer. Here is some information from the Arbutus Funeral Service team on cremation jewelry.

How Did Cremation Jewelry Originate?

Cremation jewelry can be traced back to the dawn of time when the first recorded pieces were created. People have preserved skin, hair, nails, and even blood drops in glass plates as mementos. These memorial items have evolved over time from containing actual bodily fluids to utilizing hair or even cremation ashes as cremation jewelry.

The price range for cremation jewelry is almost as varied as the number of possible designs, styles, and shapes. When it comes to cremation jewelry, you can choose from a wide range of styles, from simple tokens to elaborate styles and designs.

Most cremation jewelry is in the form of a locket or another type of keepsake and is designed to hold a small amount of cremains or other mementos of a deceased loved one. Even if cremains is not desired, jewelry can be used as a memorial by encasing other mementos such as a lock of hair, soil from a garden, sand from a favorite beach, or even a photograph.

Cremation Jewelry Ideas From Maple Ridge BC Funeral Homes

There are many things you can do to preserve the memory of your loved ones. Our team at Maple Ridge BC Funeral Homes has a few ideas for cremation jewelry:

Pendants Shaped Like Miniature Urns: Small urns worn around the neck are the most common form of cremation jewelry. A small amount of cremains are housed in the urn, and the urn itself is pretty lightweight. Because the miniature urn does not require a large amount of ashes, each family member can have a personalized urn necklace containing a small amount of the cremains.

The most common shapes are cylinders or hearts, but urns can also be found in elaborate designs with religious symbols, animals, and fish at Maple Ridge BC funeral homes. The shape or design you pick can complement any outfit.

Making Glass Jewelry From Ashes: Cremains have been incorporated into stunning works of art by glassblowers, including statues, paperweights, and more. The general design for these glass pendants is the same, except they use a combination of colored glass and a tiny amount of cremains to create beautiful and meaningful jewelry.

Cremains Turned Into Diamonds: Cremains can be used to create artificial diamonds, which can then be used in jewelry such as pendants, studs, and rings. The incorporation of a loved one's cremains into the carbon of a diamond during the cremation process makes it impossible to distinguish between a diamond with and without cremains. This can be a special memento that only your loved ones will know about. The cost of cremains-inlaid diamonds is estimated to be between $4,000 and $10,000.

Additional Information On Why Cremation Jewelry Is Trending

Losing a loved one is never easy. Cremation jewelry can be given as a personal memorial to the bereaved, and it can be worn and passed down for generations. You can purchase cremation jewelry confidently because most stores will provide detailed instructions on adequately filling the jewelry with ashes.

You'll need to use a plastic spoon and a tiny funnel to transfer the ashes from the spoon into the jewelry's hollow opening. Maple Ridge BC funeral homes offer a range of jewelry options and can also refer you to companies that specialize in making customized cremation jewelry.

Feel free to call Arbutus Funeral Service at (604) 888-9895, one of the well-respected Maple Ridge BC funeral homes, and discuss your requirements with our funeral director. You can rely on them to provide guidance and assistance with all the information you need to make a wise choice. Please use this form to submit any questions or comments you may have to us.

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