5 Advantages of Urn Vaults

By: Ian Elliott
Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Following cremation, the remains of a deceased loved one are returned to the family. Ashes must be kept in a suitable receptacle; urns are the standard receptacle used for this purpose.

The Advantages of Urn Vaults

The urn's eventual resting place is up to you. Some people keep them at home in a memorial space, while others choose to display them in a columbarium or urn vault. We at Arbutus Funeral Service believe there are several benefits to going with the second choice:

  1. A burial urn vault is a safe and permanent place to store cremated remains. They serve a function in preserving the cremains by keeping them safe from the elements.
  2. No matter what kind it is, an urn can withstand the weight of the earth around it because of its extreme durability. Most cemeteries undergo regular excavations to make room for new graves. The repeated digging is hard on the ground, but the urn vaults are built to last.
  3. Lightweight urn vaults allow grieving loved ones to move the cremated remains of a loved one quickly and easily from the funeral home to a new location.
  4. An urn vault is the best option if you are on a tight budget. You have the option of choosing from those made with more affordable material.
  5. The urn can also be personalized to your preferences. The vast majority of users opt for adaptable features, and implementing them is something we can do

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