Dealing With Unresolved Grief

By: Ian Elliott
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

For most of us, mourning is a phase of sadness and discomfort that progressively subsides as we come to terms with our experience and move forward. Grief is the emotion of seeking somebody familiar and discovering that they are no longer with us. It's the feelings we experience when everything we've known changes. Each person's experience of grieving is unique. At Arbutus Funeral Service, we think that it is vital to address unresolved grief to begin the healing process.

Symptoms Of Grief

Common mourning symptoms are diminished attention, numbness, altered sleep, and eating habits, and an emotional roller coaster. While grieving can resemble and feel like chronic depression, it is not the same thing - it is grief! However, for some, the loss might result in such profound emotional turmoil that it never subsides, forcing them to suffer from unresolved grief.

Such people can take years to come to terms with the new normal and remain trapped. Therapy for grieving can assist you in healing regardless of the type of sadness you are experiencing. It can help you progress through the phases of sorrow rather than being trapped. However, it is beneficial for those who have unresolved grief. Counseling may entail the following:

  • Recognize your emotional problems and the indications of unaddressed sorrow
  • Roleplay imagined talks with the departed, elucidating the circumstances surrounding their demise and any sentiments of remorse
  • You can delve into good memories of your loved one, thereby decreasing your avoidance of the subject.

Coping Skills That Help

A few ways to deal with unresolved grief include:

  • Rather than repressing emotional anguish, explore it (with a counselor, spiritual consultant, or diary)
  • Include self-care activities such as consuming nutritious food, physical activity, and adequate rest
  • Keep in touch with your family and close friends
  • Arrange in advance for anniversaries and other memories of the loss
  • Actively engage yourself in spiritual activities
  • Join a support group

Receive help as quickly as possible before your sorrow further disrupts your life. For information about our funeral services, contact us. We at Arbutus Funeral Service will be happy to help.

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